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Monthly Archives: October 2014

Life’s Common Core (an essay from Time magazine you may have missed)

Kristen van Ogtrop of Time magazine outlines the real Common Core our students should master in order to get a high school diploma. [Sept 29, 2014.] She writes: “I am proposing my own set of Common Core standards for teenagers. These will not help your children get into college, but they will help them become… Continue Reading

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions … part 3

(This post is best read as a conclusion to the two previous posts on decision-making at LRCA.) Checks and Balance If an operational or educational decision is uniquely complex, I will stop and pray after executive/ educational team guidance and pursue a second or a third round of researched debate. There are occasions when I… Continue Reading

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions … part 2

Following up from yesterday, our guiding principles for decision-making at LRCA are prayer, policy, people and process. We regularly ask ourselves: Have we prayed about this decision? Have we consulted the Lord? Is there an existing policy that informs or even makes our decision? Who is the authorized decision-maker? Are we following a process that… Continue Reading