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Monthly Archives: December 2010

We resolve …

Five hours till the new year. This Christmas season I opened an old journal and found an entry from January 2000. Eleven years ago. I admit up front, it was not original material. It was a column from WORLD magazine entitled, "For Parents." Eleven years ago, my daughter was twelve. I was a thirsty sponge for… Continue Reading

“… Better When Driven.”

What is? According to Fiat, the Italian car-maker, "LIFE is better when driven." Clever. Yes, I wouldn't mind driving a Fiat for a day and the day might be better for it.  More than that, though, Fiat teases me with a bigger, broader question: "What drives my life?" What drives your life? What drives our school? Let's… Continue Reading

More Precious Than Gold

Rare. Uncommon. Distinctive. These are the words I use most often to describe Little Rock Christian Academy. Indeed, the fabric of what we do on a daily basis is more precious than gold. And, why is that? As we equip the next generation with a vibrant, authentic and biblical worldview, we are grooming them to flourish… Continue Reading