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Monthly Archives: December 2009

A Small Cloud on the Western Horizon

I'll be quick about it but I have to get this off my chest before the new year.  I have been holding on to the December 2009 issue of The Atlantic magazine because I am disturbed by the cover story. I am greatly disturbed for two reasons: one, the cover story AND two, no one… Continue Reading

Academics, Arts and Athletics and a Touch of Biblical Worldview

Academics – This week ACT released a list of 70 high schools in Arkansas that are "significantly increasing ACT composite scores over the past five years … and improving student college readiness.". LRCA is on the list, along with four other private schools from across the state. It takes a concerted effort by a team… Continue Reading

A Tribute to Biblical Worldview in the Arts @ LRCA

As a teaser to the story, let me begin by saying this: at the risk of educational and competitive consequences, our high school Warrior choir respectfully declined to learn and sing one of the required music selections for the 2009 All-Region Choir competition and politely requested be allowed to audition on the merit of the… Continue Reading