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Monthly Archives: July 2009

The New Sign

Nested between the new gates at the southern entry of our campus will be a new sign. It will host our logo, school name and three words: Christian, Independent and Collegiate.  We are a Christ-centered school. Or, as a friend would say, a Jesus-centered school. We are independent of any one particular church, governed by… Continue Reading


According to a recent Tech Journal column in the WSJ, the swirling fire in a vivid scene from the latest Harry Potter film was "created using software that exploits chips known as GPUs."  So? The effect, we are told, lasts 45 seconds in the movie. Hmm. Interesting. Any more gripping factoids? The 45 second special… Continue Reading

Then and now

This weekend my pastor asked how all the school construction and renovation projects were progressing. Excitedly, I recounted the summer punch list. But, the conversation went deeper. Respectfully, my pastor noted what seemed to him a shift in the school's thinking. In his mind, the perceived shift is for the better.  Here is how I… Continue Reading