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Monthly Archives: May 2009


By God's grace and for God's glory … 109 grads are ready for college. The new high school will be ready for the first day of school, August 19th. Between now and then, we'll be renovating the elementary building and elementary gym, the fine arts building and the "new" middle school. Warrior field and the… Continue Reading

Accountability, part two

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette headline: "Push on for K-12 national criteria." The cry for national academic standards has been audible for years, even decades. It is nothing new. And, there are reasons – good reasons – why the argument has not been adopted. As good as it sounds, think about it. Are the goals of all schools the… Continue Reading

Whatever it takes?!

Kane Webb's editorial in the May 3 Arkansas Democrat-Gazette says it all: "Because some folks are mad at the football teams at one or two private schools, they want to punish all [21] of them. In the name of Fairness, of course." Mr. Webb's vision into the future is both funny and sad. Funny, because… Continue Reading