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In casting our vision for learner services at LRCA, someone asked about the gifted and talented students among us. WIll they be well served? Dr. Turner and I were quick to answer, "Absolutely! They already are." Let me illustrate: seventeen (17) members of our senior class of 110 students qualified to apply for the Arkansas Governor's… Continue Reading

ACSI, are you listening? We should be. Fair warning: This is aimed at curious educators; you'll need some time on this one (30 minutes). My hope is that ACSI will think about what Bassett has to say. Are we ready for the future? Gary B. Arnold… Continue Reading

From Learner Differences to Learner Services

  “Most would agree that who the teacher is and what the teacher does in the classroom have a greater influence on students’ accomplishment than any other school factor.” -          Roland Barth, Learning by Heart (2001)    We agree with that research assertion so much that we are basing our February 19 Parent Education Program… Continue Reading