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Monthly Archives: January 2009


Last year, our high school principal pioneered new learning territory for our high school students. Like other schools and colleges, we call it, "J-term." For two weeks in the dead of winter, over 400 high school students can immerse themselves in a structured learning experience that may open their eyes to new possibilities. This year, 200+ students selected… Continue Reading

A Stimulus Package to Believe in.

"Thomas Friedman of the New York Times (and, The World Is Flat) gets my attention in today's op/ed page, with a column entitled, "Tax Cuts For Teachers." (NYT, Jan 11, p. 10) Friedman sagely notes: "If we spend $1 trillion on a stimulus and just get better highways and bridges – and not a new Google, Apple,… Continue Reading

“What do you think, Eli Manning?”

"If you do something well in one game, or you win a championship, it doesn't mean you change as a person or as a player," says Eli Manning. "There's still a lot of preparation, and the harder you work and the more dedicated you are, the better you'll be." Thanks, Eli. Eli speaks to what… Continue Reading