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Monthly Archives: September 2008

X-cellence Marks The Spot

Our elementary principal and assistant principal were greeting students at each elementary door this morning AS THEY ALWAYS DO. I commented on how many smiles were generated by the joyful greeting. And, how pleasant it is to know that each student is ALSO greeted at the classroom door by the teacher. What a way to… Continue Reading

Excellence: Trophy, Pursuit or Buzzword

Our school's mission starts with the word "serve" and ends with the word "worldview." Sandwiched between the beginning and the end is the word "excellence" as it relates to our pursuit of truth and our provision of a Christ-centered education. In other words, our journey begins as we engage to serve our families and the… Continue Reading

The LRCA classroom: mission central

Dr. Arnold: I thought you might enjoy a short poem one of my students wrote last week in eighth grade English.  We were doing a shared reading on LRCA's Mission Statement, and afterward the students had two minutes to complete a quick write.  They were asked to rewrite the mission statement in their own words.  (R. Stripling's idea,… Continue Reading