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Monthly Archives: August 2008


How intriguing and refreshing to hear Pastor Rick Warren (Lake Forest, CA) highlight the word "worldview" several times during the recent Saddleback Civil Forum. Worldview transcends politics. Worldview transforms political discourse to human discourse. Worldview transports politicians from the clouds to terra firma. For years, the backbone of LRCA has been our upper school's worldview curriculum. As a distinctly Christian school,… Continue Reading

Not On Our Watch!

Thanks to LRCA's biblical worldview curriculum, the cartoon is not our students' reality.   Gary B. Arnold… Continue Reading

On Taxes, Tuition, Truth and the Trinity

No one can deny the strength of your decision to elect Christian schooling for your children. You did not make the decision lightly; it cost you. In addition to the growing burden of paying government taxes for government school, you chose to sacrifice to pay the tuition necessary to fund a strong education that supports… Continue Reading