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Page one, center column, an ominous title beckons the reader, "Majority of Youths Found To Lack a Direction in Life." (Education Week, June 11, 2008) Surprised? "A majority of young people are struggling to make a leap into adulthood, and educators, parents, and communities should make a more concerted effort to help rudderless youths find… Continue Reading

Warrior Caspian

Seeing Prince Caspian on the big screen, I returned to the book. C.S. Lewis makes me think about what it is we do as educators and tutors. Caspian's sensory education both inspires and teaches us. Check it out… " … for now his [Caspian's] education was beginning in earnest. He learned sword-fighting and riding, swimming and… Continue Reading

Off the Chart

The founder of the Harvard Principal's Center, Roland Barth writes, "It has been said that running a school is about putting first things first: leadership is determining what are the first things; and management is putting them first." (Learning By Heart, 2001, pg. 11) My "first thing" is this: no education is complete without the author… Continue Reading