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Monthly Archives: May 2008

Before You Get Upset

For the record, I am not endorsing a presidential candidate in any personal or school communication. I have gone on record, however, as noting my favorite president of all time to be Ronald Reagan. My May 21 comments on voting pertained to EDUCATION, not a candidate. My words were intended to urge us to beg the candidates to fight for EDUCATION. My debate with… Continue Reading

Let’s vote for EDUCATION.

How sad. Education is getting very little stage time in this running drama called Obama v Clinton v McCain. In an election that has all parties clamoring for change, we're talking toughness and oil. In an election that weighs experience, we seem to overlook the education required to make that experience more satisfying, rewarding and charitable.  … Continue Reading

Should Parents Have Control Over What Their Children Learn?

Yes. D’Souza continues: "The effect of all this indoctrination [secular education]… is not that religion will disappear but that it will cease to matter." "Of course, parents – especially Christian parents – might want to say something about all this…" Popular atheist writer Richard Dawkins asks, ‘How much do we regard children as being the… Continue Reading