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Monthly Archives: April 2008

Dinesh’s Proposition

In the book, What’s So Great About Christianity?" conservative thinker and Christian Dinesh D’Souza writes, "Children spend the majority of their waking hours in school. Parents invest a good portion of their life savings in college education to entrust their offspring to people who are supposed to educate them. Isn’t it wonderful that educators have… Continue Reading

Juno … the planet on which we live

It’s been a few months since I saw the movie, Juno. Now that it is on the rental and sales racks, I began thinking again about its influence on us.  Oscars and soundtrack aside, I found the movie both upsetting and inspiring. I am disturbed for two reasons and, to balance things out, inspired for… Continue Reading


One of my heroes in educational research is Dr. Charles Glenn of Boston University. His area of expertise is international forms of school and the respective educational outcomes. A socially conscious scholar of evangelical faith is a rare find. His contribution to both government policy and the private educational sector is well-known among peers and… Continue Reading