Thinking About Why We Do What We Do

Monthly Archives: March 2008

(Again) Why Do We Do What We Do?

The Right Reverend Philip Jones reminded his congregation today that Jesus’ first post-resurrection word in appearing to his disciples hiding behind locked doors was … "Peace." (John 20:19) This immediately reminded me of why we do what we do at LRCA. The prophet Isaiah proclaimed, "And all Thy children shall be taught of the LORD… Continue Reading

“Brain Rules”

A new book, Brain Rules, should assist us as educators at LRCA. Authored by John Medina, a molecular biologist at Seattle Pacific University, Brain Rules  (Pear Press, 2008) distills findings from biology, psychology and neuroscience in 12 brain-centered  principles that deserve our attention. Rule #1: exercise boosts brain power. Rule #2: the human brain defaults… Continue Reading

“… excellence in the pursuit of Truth …”

I witnessed an incarnation of our motto tonight at the LRCA production of "Fiddler on the Roof." God was pleased…. Continue Reading