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Monthly Archives: January 2008


How do I ask for God’s provision for our school? According to Dr. Gary Hollingsworth, Senior Pastor, Immanuel Baptist Church (and the book of James), humbly, sincerely and persistently. These are adverbs I desire to fulfill. But, there is more. Philip Yancey writes in his book, Prayer: Does It Make Any Difference?, "If I started… Continue Reading

What Size Is Excellence?

The Wall Street Journal (Nov 30 and Dec 28, 2007) "looked at the freshman classes at eight top colleges – Harvard, Princeton, MIT, Williams, Pomona, Swarthmore, the University of Chicago and Johns Hopkins – and compiled a list of the students’ high school alma mater. The survey ranked the high schools based on the number… Continue Reading

Don’t Forget the Creativity

How refreshing to hear a presidential candidate finally talk about education and the arts. I quote, " If we are truly going to see not only an educational environment that challenges students, but also [one] that builds the kind of economy that will help us to be competitive and not just survive but thrive in… Continue Reading