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Monthly Archives: December 2007

Holy Curiosity

I am curious about curiosity. Malachi helps me understand the power and the limits of our curious nature. Reading the words of the prophet, I find myself in school and I hear the Master Teacher review the orientation requirements for the original school of education. Listen (Malachi 2:1-2) Set your heart to honor [the Lord’s… Continue Reading

The Original School sans Politics

A fellow educator gave me some good advice today. He made me aware of the risk of mixing education with politics. Education is too important to be burdened by unnecessary weight. So, jettison the eighties and let’s get to a very contemporary point. In case my nostalgic reference to Ronald Reagan obscured yesterday’s premise, let… Continue Reading

The Original School of Education

My admiration of Ronald Reagan is no secret. More often than not, his scope transcended mere politics. He preferred the pursuit of freedom. He preferred to take down walls. Berlin, for example. It is a fact. Because of RR, the Iron Curtain came down. He tried to dismantle another Iron Curtain, the Department of Education. … Continue Reading