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Monthly Archives: November 2007

“Fill the Gap!”

On the eve of our first 5A state championship game (Noon, Saturday, December 1, War Memorial Stadium), I ruminate on the three words that brought us this far: "Fill the Gap." Head Coach Watson and his associates shared the message, "Fill the Gap!" at a football retreat last July. The boys listened and obeyed. This… Continue Reading

Where Else?

Where else but in the Christian school can scores of Christian churches lay aside denominational differences to build up, together, the next generation of the Church on the common ground of Jesus Christ and the Bible? Where else but in the Christian school can Christian youth from a multitude of backgrounds gather each day, all… Continue Reading

Give me an “E,” Give me a “X,” Give me a “C” …

Our school motto, "Excellence in the pursuit of truth from a Christ-centered worldview,” is not our mission. That may come as a surprise. The fact is: though our motto is derived from our mission, it is an incomplete sentence and, therefore, an incomplete mission statement. Let’s be clear. The thrust of our mission is service… Continue Reading