Thinking About Why We Do What We Do

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions … part 3

(This post is best read as a conclusion to the two previous posts on decision-making at LRCA.)

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Checks and Balance

If an operational or educational decision is uniquely complex, I will stop and pray after executive/ educational team guidance and pursue a second or a third round of researched debate. There are occasions when I will inform our board of a serious matter and seek their counsel. At all times, I understand my accountability before the Lord and the Board of Trust. Fulfilling the mission and vision of the school is my call, my driver and my duty.

Our Common Ground of Purpose

By now, you know what we stand for and Who we stand for. When decisions seem peculiar to you, we encourage you to verify the facts. Is what you heard the real story? When decisions are inconvenient, we ask for your patience and grace. When decisions are painful, we urge you to meet with the decision-maker to better understand the reasons behind the decision.

Our common ground of purpose is a beautiful asset. Jesus asks us to resolve our differences in peace. We subscribe to what is called “the Matthew 18 principle” of peace-making. In Matthew 18, Jesus counsels us to meet with the brother or sister who has caused an offense or personal pain. If you cannot find resolve in that meeting, seek understanding with the supervisor of the decision-maker. Bring an objective friend with you. If that doesn’t change the situation, we urge you to step back and see how the Lord will use the decision to accomplish His purposes. I pray that if time proves our decision to be imperfect, we will confess it, seek the peace and move forward.

Fueled by the impact of our partnership, I am always grateful for your prayers.

Gary B. Arnold Head of School

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