Thinking About Why We Do What We Do

We Are … Listening, Never Satisfied, Accountable and Available

We Are Listening 
We studied your feedback from our annual Mission Effectiveness Survey. We distilled hundreds of responses into themes that speak to where we are glowing and to areas where we need to continue growing. The leadership team, board of trust and I will be incorporating your feedback into our strategic planning process.

We know, ultimately, our real measure of success is found in the lives of our students. That is why we recently created a profile of a preferred graduate of Little Rock Christian Academy. This aspirational profile is a reminder to pray for our students, to be intentional in the daily nurture of our students and to realize that the final outcome depends on the Holy Spirit at work in the lives of our students. As in parenting, our hopes and dreams depend on our children’s heart for God. That said, we desire our graduates of Little Rock Christian Academy to have:

• An authentic faith in Christ exhibited by loving and joyfully serving Him and others. (Foundational; Luke 10:27)

• A Biblical World View that discerns truth and able to engage society effectively. (Worldview; Hebrews 5:14)

• The necessary skills and accompanying discipline to become a life-long learner; able flourish in a collegiate setting and subsequent vocation (Intellectual; Hebrews 6:1)

• A desire to pursue healthy, Christ-centered relationships. (Relational; 2 Timothy 2:22b)

• The moral fiber to persevere through life with integrity and wisdom. (Personal; Psalm 1)

As we build into the lives of our students, the Lord continues to build into us. My heart overflows with gratitude for the physical enhancements to our unified campus over the past seven years. Our high school building, Warrior Hall, athletic fields, gates, bronze crosses, the landscaped brook, the stone table, the concession stand expansions, the locker rooms, the elementary awnings and the renovated Warrior store were the result of generous gifts to God’s school, NOT tuition dollars. I will never be able to adequately thank the Lord and the HUNDREDS of generous souls who give sacrificially to advance our mission.

We Are Never Satisfied
In reviewing your feedback from the Mission Effectiveness Survey, we highlight the following observations to fuel our push for continuous improvement:

Last year, our technology strategy was not clear or consistent. We recognize the dip. The principals and our Director of Digital Learning are working to train our teachers better and follow through more consistently on student/teacher technology expectations.

It should be clear to all that students in elementary, middle and junior school (grade PK-8) are not allowed to use cell phones during the school day. Violations will result in confiscated phones.

Our social media boundaries were communicated last year and are posted on the Warrior Roundtable (“Help Us Help You,” April 2014). AN ESSENTIAL PARENT PRESENTATION ON SOCIAL MEDIA & THE WELL-BEING OF OUR CHILDREN will be held on Tuesday, September 16, 6:30pm, Warrior Hall.

We have under-communicated the scope and sequence of our biblical worldview curriculum for grade 7-12. I am preparing an overview for junior high and high school parents. Several of you inquired about a worldview class for parents. Interested? Let me know at

Dismissal traffic is never fun. Though we are limited in what we can do to improve traffic flow on campus, we are altering start/end times to improve the situation as best we can. I ask that our gratitude for the dramatic improvements to our campus over the past seven years will offset any frustration in your heart about dismissal traffic. I urge you to not let the last 20 minutes of the day diminish all that The Lord is doing among us. It will be a great opportunity to SHINE for the Lord.

There are four discipline “red lines” that have severe consequences at LRCA: contraband (weapons, drugs), under-age drinking, unrepentant abuse of power, and unrepentant abuse of social media. For more ordinary discipline, our approach is personal and redemptive. Parents with multiple children learn early on that each child in the family is unique in their response to a disciplinary measure. So it is in school. We seek to discipline in ways that confront the offense (truth) and simultaneously speak to the heart of the matter in the spirit of the child (grace). Finally, in a healthy community, discipline decisions are private.

We Are Available and Accountable
I am grateful to be surrounded by a wise board of trust, a generative leadership team and a host of faculty and staff members who aim to love on your children in the “kindness and sternness of the Lord.”  If you are not receiving the educational service you need, I encourage you to meet with your teacher(s). If that does bring satisfaction, please meet with your division principal. If that does not bring resolve to tour concern, I will join the dialogue to make sure we are looking at every feasible solution.

One more time: we resolve to serve your family by providing an education that is characterized by excellence from a Christ-centered, biblical worldview. That’s our mission. We pledge to do education well; we pledge to do Jesus well. Since the Evil One does not want this to happen, we depend on your daily prayer. As ever, may I encourage us all to heed Psalm 19:5: “… like a strong man, run the course with joy!” My hope and prayer is that all Warriors will draw upon the Holy Spirit to run the course of 2014-15 with joy.

Enthusiastically, your chief servant,

Gary B. Arnold, Ed. D.
President / Head of School
Twitter: @drlrca

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