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Navigating Social Media at LRCA

It’s not too late!

It’s not too late to hear the playbook for navigating social media at LRCA.

On September 16, Christina Jontra, Director of Digital Learning at Grace Christian School in Tyler Texas, returned to share more tips for navigating the open seas of social media with your children. If you were not able to attend our fall parent education forum, you may re-capture Christina’s presentation by visiting our home page and clicking the livestream. Christina’s presentation is not a panacea for conquering the darkness of the internet. There is no such thing. Rather, Christina’s talk is a call to arms for you – our parents – to unite, be informed, slow it down and be in charge of your child’s device.

To save your time, skip my intro and jump right to Christina’s presentation which starts around the 13 minute mark.

Gary B. Arnold


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